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    k@ raUz

    intransitive verb
    to revel in a boisterous and drunken manner.
    They’d been carousing in the bar and were now staggering home, still singing and shouting.

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  • Vocabulary of the Day

    no tih faI

    transitive verb
    to give notice to; tell or inform, esp. formally.
    The contest judges notified the winners by mail.
    Who should we notify in case of an emergency?
    The landlord notified the tenants that the water would be shut off in the morning.

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definition 1:   the physical position of the body, especially while standing.
example:  He saw his mother’s angry stance and headed quickly up the stairs.
example:  She’s a good hitter despite her awkward batting stance.

definition 2:  the opinions or attitude of a person with regard to something.
example:  Do you agree with his stance on the immigration issue? 

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Collocations: Words often used in combination with the noun stance (definition 2)

VERB + stance:      take a ~, adopt a ~, maintain one’s ~, shift one’s~, soften one’s ~, change one’s ~, modify one’s ~, reconsider one’s ~


  • ~ on (e,g., the politician’s stance on education reform; the Pope’s stance on contraception)
  • ~ toward (e.g., The two nations seem to be changing their stance toward each other)
  • ~ against (They have always taken a strong stance against the death penalty)