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    shaI st@r

    a person, usu. a lawyer, who uses underhanded, unethical methods.
    That shyster accepted her fee for his services but did almost nothing for her.

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    neI seI @r

    a person who refuses, denies, or opposes, esp. because of cynicism or pessimism.
    They went ahead with their ambitious plan despite the arguments of the naysayers.

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steI t@s [or] stae t@s

definition 1:
 a person’s position or rank in relation to others or in the view of others.
example:  He feels that his status, now that he is a limousine driver, is higher than it was when he was driving a taxi.
example:  The report suggested that male police officers are granted a higher status by society than women police officers.

definition 2:  a person’s condition as determined by law.
example:  According to his immigration status as a refugee, he is allowed to work in this country.
example:  Her marital status changed last year when she got a divorce.

definition 3:  state of affairs; stage of development or progress.
example:  She called to find out the status of her job application.
example:  The new government hoped to change the status of the poor.
example:  After he abandoned his family, he rarely thought about the status of his children.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun status (definition 1)

VERB + status:    achieve ~ ,  gain ~ ,  acquire ~ , enhance  one’s ~ ,   maintain one’s ~ , elevate one’s ~ , reflect one’s ~ , seek ~

MODIFIER + status:    social ~  , socio-economic ~ , celebrity ~ , high ~ , lofty ~ , elevated ~ , equal ~


Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun status (definition 2)

VERB + status:    grant ~ , award ~ , determine ~ , verify ~ ,  attain ~ , maintain ~ , indicate ~

MODIFIER + status:    marital ~ , immigration ~ ,  employment ~ , refugee ~ , dependent ~