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intransitive verb
definition 1:  to try or work hard; exert oneself.
example:  She’s striving to reach the top in her profession.
example:  The athletes strove to improve their performance before the next Olympics.
example:  Leaders on both sides have been striving for a peaceful end to the conflict.
example:  He continues to strive toward his goal of entering politics.

definition 2:  to struggle, usually against something or someone.
example:  His father and mother had striven against poverty in the old country.

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Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the intransitive verb strive

ADVERB + strive:    continually ~ , constantly ~ , consistently ~ , earnestly ~ , actively ~ , consciously ~ , valiantly ~ , bravely ~

strive + for + NOUN:    ~ excellence, ~ perfection, ~ accuracy,  ~ success, ~ independence, ~ autonomy, ~ peace, ~ cooperation, ~ equality, ~ harmony, ~ balance, ~ diversity, ~ stability, ~ objectivity, ~ authenticity



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