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struhk ch@r

definition 1:  a thing consisting of a number of elements joined together in a certain way.
example:  A human cell is a complicated structure.

definition 2:  the way in which such a thing is joined together.
example:  We’re studying the structure of atoms in chemistry class.

definition 3:  the relationship between and among the parts of a relatively complex process or entity.
example:  On our first day at the job, we learned about the structure of the organization.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun “structure”

ADJECTIVE + structure:    complex ~, rigid ~, flexible ~, basic ~, concrete ~, intact ~,  characteristic ~ , hierarchical ~ , organizational ~, institutional ~, political ~, social ~, modular ~, overall ~, internal ~, narrative ~

VERB + structure:    build ~, create ~, design ~, establish ~, simplify ~, alter ~, reinforce ~, revise ~, impose ~ (e.g., impose a structure on unconnected ideas), analyze ~, study ~, understand ~, examine ~, describe ~


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