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(Latin root lev, liev) relieve

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rih liv

transitive verb

1. to ease or reduce (pain, suffering, need, worry, or the like).
Aspirin usually relieves my headaches.
These herbs are said to relieve pain.
Yoga is useful for relieving stress.
It took only a phone call to relieve all our worries.
She leafed through a magazine to relieve the boredom. liberate from fear, anxiety, distress or other burdensome condition.
It relieves me to hear that they’re all safe.

3. to lower the pressure, weight, or tension of.
When the wind died, the sailor relieved the tension on the sail.

4. to take over the duties of
The fatigued guard hoped his partner would arrive soon to relieve him.


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kuhr sə ri
done quickly and without care; superficial.
The symptoms were so clear that even a cursory examination of the patient would have resulted in a confident diagnosis.
He’d only given the report a cursory glance and was therefore not prepared to discuss it.


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ae grə giht

a sum, combination, or composite of separable elements.
example: The aggregate of her experiences lent her wisdom.
example: Concrete is an aggregate composed of mineral elements mixed with cement.