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tek na l@ ji


definition 1:  a field of knowledge concerned with the use of industrial arts and applied science to achieve practical objectives, or the various inventions and means of solving problems that result from research in this field.
example:  Doctors now depend heavily on medical technology.
example:  That country has vast natural resources but lacks the technology to exploit them.

definition 2:  a particular method of solving practical problems that results from research in the fields of industrial arts and applied sciences.
example:  These houses are heated with the newest solar technology.

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Collocations:  Words frequently used in combination with the noun “technology”

technology + VERB:    ~ allow (e.g., The new technology allows the user to accomplish a variety of tasks),  ~ enable, ~ transform (e.g. ,  This technology has transformed the automotive industry)  ~ advance (e.g., These had been unsolvable problems, but technology has advanced to the degree that they are now solvable), ~ evolve,  ~ exist,  ~ emerge,  ~ facilitate,  ~ promise,  ~ enhance,  ~  revolutionize

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