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pronunciation:  uhn dər teIk
part of speech:  transitive verb

definition 1:           to take on (a task, project, challenge or the like);  decide or start to do.
example:                 This is the second large project she’s undertaken this year.
example:                 I don’t want to undertake such an important task if I can’t give it my full attention.

definition 2:          to promise or obligate oneself to do (something).
example:                The carpenter undertook to finish the work within two weeks.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the verb “undertake” (definition 1)

undertake + NOUN:    ~ research, ~ project, ~ task, ~  activities, ~ action, ~ reforms, ~ review, ~ investigation, ~ analysis, ~ effort, ~ journey, ~ measures, ~ mission,~  endeavor, ~ challenge, ~ responsibilities
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