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    k@ raUz

    intransitive verb
    to revel in a boisterous and drunken manner.
    They’d been carousing in the bar and were now staggering home, still singing and shouting.

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    no tih faI

    transitive verb
    to give notice to; tell or inform, esp. formally.
    The contest judges notified the winners by mail.
    Who should we notify in case of an emergency?
    The landlord notified the tenants that the water would be shut off in the morning.

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pronunciation:  uhn dər teIk
part of speech:  transitive verb

definition 1:           to take on (a task, project, challenge or the like);  decide or start to do.
example:                 This is the second large project she’s undertaken this year.
example:                 I don’t want to undertake such an important task if I can’t give it my full attention.

definition 2:          to promise or obligate oneself to do (something).
example:                The carpenter undertook to finish the work within two weeks.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the verb “undertake” (definition 1)

undertake + NOUN:    ~ research, ~ project, ~ task, ~  activities, ~ action, ~ reforms, ~ review, ~ investigation, ~ analysis, ~ effort, ~ journey, ~ measures, ~ mission,~  endeavor, ~ challenge, ~ responsibilities