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    gr@ tu ih t@s  [or]  grae tu ih t@s

    1.  given or done without sufficient reason or justification; unwarranted.
    The movie’s gratuitous violence earned it low ratings from critics.

    2.  given or received without charge or cost.
    The company offers gratuitous shipping with large orders.

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  • Vocabulary of the Day

    p@ the tihk

    1.  arousing feelings of pity, sorrow, or tender concern.
    The baby’s pathetic crying was due to both hunger and cold.
    The limping dog was a pathetic sight.

    2.  miserably ineffective or inadequate; worthy of arousing scorn or ridicule.
    You did a pathetic job of fixing this–look! It’s still leaking!
    I’ve always been a pathetic housekeeper, so I finally hired a cleaner.
    Your attempts to get our sympathy is pathetic!
    He’s pathetic at playing tennis; he’s always hitting the ball straight over the fence.

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yu nik

definition 1:  being the only one of its type; sole; single.
example:  Everyone’s fingerprints are unique.
example: The figurines are handmade, and each one is unique.

definition 2:  having no equal or equivalent; incomparable.
example:  Their product has a unique flavor that no one has been able to replicate.
example:  The Earth appears to be unique in our solar system in that it supports plant and animal life.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the adjective unique

unique + NOUN:    ~ opportunity (e.g., a unique opportunity to see a renowned artist at work), ~ experience, ~ feature, ~ style, ~ design, ~ collection,  ~ position (e.g, He was now in a unique position to accomplish his goals), ~ blend, ~ combination, ~ collaboration, ~  contribution, ~ characteristic, ~ atmosphere, ~ character, ~ flavor, ~ gift, ~ talent, ~ ability, ~ charm, ~ insight

ADVERB + unique:     utterly ~ , absolutely ~, totally ~, quite ~ , truly ~ , rather ~ , hardly ~ (e.g., She does play well, but talent such as hers is hardly unique here at the Conservatory) , entirely ~ , wholly ~, distinctly ~ , wonderfully ~ , refreshingly ~ , delightfully ~ , genuinely ~ , architecturally ~ , globally ~ , biologically ~ , genetically ~ , historically ~, geologically ~