vI zhən

definition 1:  the ability to perceive through sight.
example:  Sometimes wearing glasses can improve your vision.

definition 2:  the power to anticipate or foresee future events or developments.
example:  It took great vision to take on a project like building the Erie Canal.
example:  He was competent as a governor, but he lacked vision.

definition 3:  a particular way of seeing or conceiving of something that may come to pass or come into being.
example:  His new book presents a grim vision of the future.
example:  Her vision of the proposed city park differed greatly from that of the other council members.


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Collocations: Words often used in combination with the noun “vision” (definition 3)

VERB + vision:     articulate one’s  ~  (e.g., She articulated her vision of the company’s future),  share one’s ~ , communicate one’s ~ , fulfill one’s ~ ,  shape one’s ~ ,  embrace another’s ~