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wel t@r

intransitive verb

definition 1: to become involved or entangled, often overwhelmingly.
example: He is weltering in paperwork.
definition 2. to roll about or wallow, as in mud or the open seas.
example: The ship weltered in the waves lashed up by the violent winds.


definition 1: a disorderly mass or turmoil; jumble.
example: Southern Sudan is a welter of tribes and sub-tribes.(MacKenzie Funk, “Will Global Warming, Overpopulation, Floods, Droughts, and Food Riots Make This Man Rich?,” Rolling Stone Magazine, May 27, 2010)
example: I plunged into the internet’s welter of information.

definition 2: a turbulent rolling and tossing, as of the sea.
example: Ideally, one would like to freeze the welter of the sea surface and bring it back to the laboratory for detailed study. (Blair Kinsman, Wind Waves: Their Generation and Propagation on the Ocean Surfaces)


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