As we approach the end of the year, we have just started our Word of the Year contest. This is an important and exciting process, and we’re happy we can share it with all of our users. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways to choose a Word of the Year.

Social Relevance

Every year, dictionaries and other interested organizations select their own Word of the Year based on current events. Recently, Oxford Dictionaries announced “toxic” as their Word of the Year based on its cultural significance. selected “misinformation” after studying the word’s prevalence over the past few years. Although there are no consistent criteria for selecting these words, these choices often stimulate interesting discussions in the media and schools.

Words in Professions

Different professional fields will often select a Word of the Year based on trends within their industry. Last year, Words of the Year were selected for marketing and legal technology. We’re excited to see what words will be recommended this year!

Personal Motivations

We all have our own favorite words. Whether they have deeper meanings, cultural significance, or everyday usefulness, these words become personal to us. These keywords can guide us to make changes in our daily lives. Some people select a word to guide them through the next year or to help them accomplish a goal.

What word inspires you? Let us know!

The Wordsmyth Approach

Sharing the deeper meaning we find in words is the core of Wordsmyth’s mission. We believe word learning is both a collaborative and personal process. Our participatory Word of the Year contest was designed to encourage discussions about words that mean something. Whether it’s a personal keyword or hot topic in the media, we’d love to know why that word is important to you.

Once you nominate a word, it will be added to your personal word list. There, you can add a note to your word so you can study it in depth. This note can guide your studies and help others appreciate your favorite word.

While all of our personal keywords are important, we can only pick one for Wordsmyth’s Word of the Year. Nominate your word today- registered users can suggest a word until December 15th!

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Until next time, Happy Wordsmything!