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waId spred

definition 1:  extended, scattered, or accepted over a wide area.
example:  Her mystery novels enjoyed widespread popularity.
example:  The disease is under control in the north, but it is still widespread in the south.

definition 2:  open or spread out to full width.
example:  A bird with widespread wings flew overhead.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the adjective widespread (definition 1)

widespread + NOUN:    ~ use (e.g., widespread use of electricity), ~ disease, ~ poverty, ~ ignorance,  ~ belief, ~ (news) coverage, ~ publicity, ~ opposition, ~ criticism, ~ condemnation,  ~ recognition, ~ dissatisfaction, ~ skepticism, ~ acclaim, ~ adoption (e.g., widespread adoption of the standards), ~ acceptance, ~ approval, ~ corruption, ~ abuses, ~ looting, ~ unrest,  ~ contamination, ~ flooding

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