Wordsmyth is picking a Word of the Year for 2018, and we want you to help!

Wordsmyth WOTY 2018 Instructions


Our Word of the Year contest (WOTY) invites users to submit a word they found important or significant in the past year. We want to know what words are important – to you or to all of us – and why you think we should care about them. Whether it’s a hot topic in the news or a word that meant something to you, it could become our Word of the Year.

The Contest

Here’s how our WOTY contest will work:

  • Nominate a word on our website from the Wordsmyth dictionary. Nominations will be open until December 15th .
  • The Wordsmyth team will select 10 words from all of our nominations based on your answers
  • Vote for your Word of the Year! You only get one vote- make it count!
  • On January 1st, 2019, we will announce our first-ever Word of the Year!

WOTY is the only Word of the Year contest run by a major dictionary with user participation. We want to encourage our users to actively participate in word learning and study by sharing words that have deeper meaning in society and our own lives.

Why Is WOTY Important?

Our contest combines two approaches to selecting a Word of the Year. The first focuses on words that have become widely known for their social and cultural contexts. These choices often spark interesting discussions, but usually there are no solid criteria for how they’re selected.

The second approach focuses on how words work in our lives. Sharing words that mean something to us is a great way to share our love of language and encourage deeper understanding of our words. This is your chance to participate!

Interested in participating in Wordsmyth’s WOTY? Register now to nominate your Word of the Year!

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