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The Wordsmyth 2018 Word of the Year has been chosen - It's "Love"!
Our users have voted "love" the best choice for "Word of the Year." Here are the explanations provided by the two people who nominated "love."
"This word can mean wonders in the happiest and saddest thoughts for people all around. People can think of love by thinking of brotherly or sisterly love, family love, friendly love, and couple love. There are many different kinds of love, including complicated love, sweet love, not-so-sweet love, cute love, spicy love, and fiery love. Love interests me because it is all around me and you, yet not everyone sees it. I think it should be nominated because everyone feels love at one point or another in their life, whether they realize it or not. Love can be very eye-opening, so people all over the world hold it close and treasure it dearly." (from user "hs@decorah")
"Without love all living things die so none of the other words in the Wordsmyth Dictionary would matter." (from user "Miss E")
Our word of the year can either look to the past or to the future. If you look to the past, "love" can help you pick out the experiences that have been most filled with "tender and passionate affection" or deep and abiding care. If you look to the future, "love" can be a good guide to choosing to care for others.
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Word of the Year contest. We appreciate your contributions, and we'd love to hear your feedback for next year.
Happy New Year and Happy Wordsmything!
The Wordsmyth Team
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