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cotillion any of several dances, such as the quadrille. [2 definitions]
dwell to live or stay as a resident; reside. [3 definitions]
get to gain; obtain; acquire. [17 definitions]
get a wiggle on (informal) hurry up.
gutless (informal) lacking courage or determination.
jettison to throw (objects) from a ship or airplane to lighten or stabilize it, as in a storm. [4 definitions]
jewel a cut and polished gemstone, or an ornament made with gems and other costly material. [5 definitions]
keelson a timber or girder in the hull of a ship, fastened above and parallel to the keel to add structural strength.
soon in a short time; shortly. [3 definitions]
towel a piece or length of absorbent cloth or paper made and used for wiping or drying the face or body, dishes, or the like. [2 definitions]
twill a fabric woven in a pattern of diagonal lines. [3 definitions]
we'll contracted form of "we will".
well1 in a good, proper, or satisfactory way. [16 definitions]
well2 a deep hole dug in the ground for obtaining water, oil, gas, or other natural resources. [7 definitions]