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bootlick to seek favor by abasing oneself to (someone); toady.
cluck to make the sharp, throaty noise of a hen brooding or calling chicks. [4 definitions]
cold duck a beverage made of an equal mixture of champagne and sparkling burgundy.
cowlick a small, protruding section of hair that grows in a whorl or at a different angle than the rest.
geode a hollow, usu. globular stone, the cavity of which is lined with crystals.
goat any of various agile four-legged animals that produce milk, having hollow horns with a backward curve, rough and usu. straight hair, and a short tail. [5 definitions]
godlike like, suitable to, or of the nature of God or a god; divine.
godly characterized by reverence and love for God and respect for the ethical teachings of scripture; pious; devout.
Goidelic of or belonging to the Q-Celtic group of languages. [2 definitions]
good having qualities that are desired, enjoyed, or beneficial; desirable. [24 definitions]
Good Book the Bible (usu. prec. by the).
good looks attractive personal appearance; handsomeness; beauty.
goodly large; substantial; considerable. [2 definitions]
gourd the fruit of any of a number of plants related to the squash, esp. the dried and decorative shells of some varieties. [3 definitions]
gridlock a traffic jam in which congestion in a grid of streets blocks movement in all directions. [2 definitions]
hood a covering for the head and neck, often attached to a coat, jacket, robe, or the like. [6 definitions]
luck the supposed force behind the apparently causeless or random occurrence of an event or events; fortune; chance. [2 definitions]
potluck a meal that is prepared without any special planning, esp. one served to a guest. [2 definitions]