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concoction something concocted, esp. a mixture of liquids. [2 definitions]
hand organ a portable barrel organ that is played by turning a crank by hand.
hang up on O End a phone conversation with someone by abruptly and unexpectedly cutting the connection.
hanger-on one who attaches himself or herself to a person or group in hope of personal advantage.
Hong Kong a region of southeast China containing Hong Kong Island as well as many other islands and the adjacent mainland. Hong Kong was a British colony from the 1840s until 1997 when it was reverted to Chinese rule as a "Special Administrative Region." While it is a part of China and controlled by the Chinese government on all matters related to defense and foreign affairs, Hong Kong operates with a great deal of autonomy, with its own legal system, police force, immigration policy, and currency.
John according to the New Testament, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, one of the four evangelists, and the probable author of the fourth Gospel, the Book of Revelation, and three Epistles. [5 definitions]