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are1 2nd person present sing. and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person pl. of be.
are2 a unit of area equal to one hundred square meters or 119.6 square yards.
aware knowing or mindful; conscious (usu. fol. by "of").
be to remain in a state of existence; have reality; exist. [10 definitions]
beware to be wary or cautious (often used imperatively). [2 definitions]
bowery a Dutch settler's farm or country residence in early New York. [2 definitions]
haler the smaller monetary unit of the Czech and Slovak Republics; heller. (Cf. koruna.)
Harare the capital of Zimbabwe; formerly Salisbury.
hare any of various plant-eating mammals that resemble and are related to the rabbit, but that usu. are larger and have longer ears and hind legs.
harem a house or section of a house or palace set aside for the female members of a Muslim household, or the occupants themselves.
harry to attack or annoy repeatedly or constantly; harass. [3 definitions]
haywire (informal) out of order; broken. [3 definitions]
hear to perceive with the ears. [7 definitions]
hear of to encounter (something) through hearing or some other form of communication, often resulting in a feeling of slight familiarity. [2 definitions]
hereof about this or of this.
hereon immediately after this. [2 definitions]
hereto to this location, document, or subject.
hire out to offer one's services for a fee.
hoary whitish or grayish, esp. when associated with age. [3 definitions]
hooray variant of hurrah.