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à la in the manner or style of.
AL abbreviation of "Alabama," a southeastern U.S. state located between Georgia and Mississippi.
ala a wing or winglike part or structure on a living organism.
gala suited to a festive celebration. [2 definitions]
L.A. abbreviation of "Los Angeles," a seaport in southern California.
La symbol of the chemical element lanthanum.
la in music, the syllable used to denote the sixth tone of a diatonic scale. (See sol-fa.) [2 definitions]
LA abbreviation of "Louisiana," a southern U.S. state between Mississippi and Texas.
lama a priest of the form of Buddhism practiced in Tibet and Mongolia.
lava molten rock erupting from a volcano or volcanic fissure. [2 definitions]
tala the chief monetary unit of Western Samoa, equaling one hundred sene.