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-one a ketone, or a related or similar chemical compound containing oxygen.
anemone a type of plant related to the buttercup and characterized by large white, blue, purple, or red flowers. [2 definitions]
aniline an oily, colorless, poisonous liquid used in producing rubber, drugs, and dyes. [2 definitions]
animal a living creature that is generally distinguished from plants by its cellular structure and by the ability to move voluntarily. [5 definitions]
animation the act or result of animating or causing to be lively. [4 definitions]
annul to make nonexistent or ineffective; cancel. [2 definitions]
ant lion any of several lace-winged insects whose larvae dig holes in which they trap ants or other insects for food.
antialien combined form of alien.
Antilles the main island chain of the West Indies that includes Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and several smaller islands stretching to the coast of Venezuela.
e-mail the practice or system by which messages may be typed into one computer terminal and sent by telephone, cable, or wireless to another computer terminal; electronic mail. [4 definitions]
enamel a glossy, usu. opaque coating fused by heat to metal, glass, pottery, or other surfaces for protection or decoration, or objects so coated. [5 definitions]
enroll to enlist or sign up (someone) officially. [3 definitions]
ensile to store (green fodder) in or as in a silo.
inulin a starchlike polysaccharide used to make fructose and, when water is added to it, glucose.
million the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1,000,000. [5 definitions]
one being single in number. [11 definitions]
one-liner a short witty or amusing remark.
unmilled combined form of milled.
unsmiling combined form of smiling.
unveil to remove a veil or other cover from, esp. to display for the first time. [2 definitions]