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plumage the feathers of a bird.
polemic an emphatic statement of a controversial viewpoint, usually criticizing or refuting an existing position. [3 definitions]
polemics (used with a sing. verb) the art or practice of disputation or controversy. [2 definitions]
polo a game played on horseback by two teams of three or four members each who use long-handled mallets to drive a small wooden ball into the opponent's goal.
polymer a natural or synthetic compound, such as polyethylene or nylon, that is of high molecular weight and is composed of repeated links of simple molecules.
polymeric of, pertaining to, or combined in a polymer.
Potomac a U.S. river that flows from West Virginia along the border of Washington, DC, and into the Atlantic.
Ptolemaic of or pertaining to Ptolemy or the system of astronomy he developed.
Ptolemy an Alexandrian mathematician, astronomer, and geographer (second century A.D.). [2 definitions]