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babbitt see Babbitt metal. [2 definitions]
barbate bearded, or having tufts resembling a beard, as oats or barley.
Bartlett a large yellow juicy variety of pear.
batten1 to grow fat; thrive. [3 definitions]
batten2 a narrow board or strip used esp. for exterior siding and flooring in wooden building construction. [4 definitions]
batter1 to beat hard and repeatedly, or to damage by so beating. [3 definitions]
battered damaged or worn down by hard use. [3 definitions]
batty (slang) eccentric or crazy.
beat to hit (someone or something) repeatedly. [15 definitions]
beatable able to be defeated.
bed-wetting urinating in bed, esp. at night; enuresis.
bedaub to cover with daubs or smears, as of paint or mud.
bedsitter (chiefly British; informal) a typically inexpensive rental accommodation combining a bedroom and sitting room along with facilities for cooking.
beetle2 a wooden mallet or club used to stamp and finish linen, compress paving stones, or mash vegetables. [3 definitions]
beetle3 overhanging or projecting, as eyebrows. [2 definitions]
better comparative of "good." [14 definitions]
bettor a person who makes bets.
bilobate having two lobes.
border the outer part; edge; boundary. [6 definitions]
bottom the lowest or deepest point of something. [11 definitions]