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babble to speak incoherently or with meaningless sounds. [8 definitions]
belong to have a specific, proper, or appropriate location. [4 definitions]
belonging closeness and mutual acceptance in a relationship. [2 definitions]
blackball to cast out, as from a group; ostracize. [3 definitions]
blubber the layer of fat beneath the skin of whales, seals, and other large sea mammals. [5 definitions]
blue the color of a cloudless sky; the color between green and violet on the spectrum. [8 definitions]
blueing variant of bluing.
bluing a chemical substance, such as indigo, applied to laundry to keep it from yellowing.
blunder a careless or thoughtless mistake. [5 definitions]
bobble a clumsily executed movement or fumble, as in sports, or any such inept mistake. [2 definitions]
bubble an approximately spherical volume of gas bounded by a liquid or a solid. [7 definitions]
bumble1 to act or speak clumsily or blunderingly. [2 definitions]
bumble2 to make a humming sound like that of a bee; buzz.
bundle an assemblage of things that have been tied, bound, or packaged together. [6 definitions]
bungle to perform badly or incompetently; botch. [3 definitions]
burble to make a soft bubbling sound or murmur. [3 definitions]
burnable combined form of burn.
lawn bowling a game played on a smooth lawn, in which the players roll wooden balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball.
libel in law, written or printed matter that is false, damages a person's reputation or material well-being, and arises from malice or extreme negligence. (See slander.) [5 definitions]
linebacker in football, a defensive player whose usual position is between the defensive linemen and backfield.