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calculate to compute mathematically. [6 definitions]
calculous caused by or having a stony concretion or calculus.
calculus in mathematics, a system of calculation, as of rates of change, lengths, or volumes, involving algebraic notations. [2 definitions]
clavicle either of two bones joining the breastbone and the shoulder blades; collarbone.
clerical of or related to clerks and office work. [5 definitions]
clickable combined form of click.
clinical of or related to direct observation and treatment of patients, as opposed to theory or laboratory research. [3 definitions]
clocklike very regular, punctual, and dependable.
close call (informal) a narrow escape from danger, failure, detection, or the like.
cloud a visible body, usu. white or gray, of fine water droplets high in the earth's atmosphere. [8 definitions]
corn cockle an annual flowering plant that bears pinkish flowers and poisonous seeds and is considered a weed.
crackerjack an excellent person or thing. [2 definitions]
cuckoo clock a clock that conceals a mechanical bird that pops out of a little door to announce the hour with sounds resembling the cry of a cuckoo.
curlicue a decorative curled line, as on a signature.
glee club a choral group that sings glees and other short choral pieces.
glue a thick, sticky liquid used as an adhesive, such as the substance derived from hoofs, skins, and other animal proteins by boiling these in water. [2 definitions]
glycol a chemical compound used as a solvent and as an antifreeze in automobiles; ethylene glycol. [2 definitions]
kilocycle see kilohertz.