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dih tuhr mihn
parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
grammatical pattern:
verb + that, verb + inf, verb + smby + inf.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: determines, determining, determined
definition 1: to decide or settle (a question, controversy, or the like) finally and authoritatively.
The jury will determine the outcome of this trial.Have you determined a date for the wedding?
judge, resolve
similar words:
appoint, arbitrate, clinch, conclude, decide, fix, pin down, seal, set, settle, sew up
definition 2: to conclude or ascertain following investigation and observation.
The students needed some time to determine the answer to the question.Scientists were brought in to determine the age of the skeleton.Specialists determined that the painting was a fake.[verb + that ]
ascertain, conclude, deduce, find out
similar words:
calculate, discover, establish, infer, pin down, see, substantiate, verify
definition 3: to bring about; produce.
Training is what determines the result of a race like this.
cause, produce
similar words:
create, effect, fix, generate, govern, mold, occasion, prescribe
definition 4: to set limits to.
The budget determined the scope of the project.
control, limit, restrict
similar words:
constrain, govern, regulate, restrain
definition 5: to firmly decide on a course of action, or to cause one to make a firm decision; resolve.
Despite their worries, her parents determined to let her make his own decisions.[verb + inf ] Seeing his best friend go to prison determined him to give up his illegal activities.[verb + smby + inf. ]
similar words:
decide, purpose
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to make a decision; have a fixed resolve or intention.
They determined on an investigation of his debts.
decide, resolve, will
similar words:
arbitrate, dispose, intend, rule
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