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dead heat a race that ends in a tie between two or more contestants.
deadhead (informal) a person who uses a free ticket for transportation, admission, or the like; nonpaying customer. [5 definitions]
die-hard a person who stubbornly refuses to accept defeat or change, abandon a position, or the like. [2 definitions]
hard hat a protective helmet, made of metal or hard, impact-resistant plastic, worn by construction workers, miners, and the like.
hard wheat wheat that has hard kernels containing a high amount of protein, used to make semolina and pasta; durum. (Cf. soft wheat.)
hard-hat (informal) a construction worker.
hardihood strength, vigor, or determination; fortitude. [2 definitions]
head-to-head in direct, often individual confrontation or opposition.
heart-to-heart freely expressing feelings; open; frank.