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ameer a variant of emir.
emcee a master of ceremonies. [3 definitions]
emeer variant of emir.
emerge to rise up from or come out of a surrounding environment or substance. [3 definitions]
emir a Muslim chieftain or governor. [2 definitions]
emu a large flightless Australian bird related to the ostrich that has head and neck feathers and rudimentary wings.
imam the officiating leader of prayer in a Muslim mosque. [3 definitions]
mem the name of the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
meme an idea, behavior, style, or other element of culture that exists in the human mind and spreads from mind to mind through memory and repetition.
mime the art or practice of telling a story or acting out a dramatic or comical scene by means of hand and body movements rather than speaking; pantomime. [6 definitions]
mum1 not speaking or telling; silent. [2 definitions]
mum2 to act as a mummer on stage or in a street carnival.
mum3 (informal) a chrysanthemum.
mum4 (informal, chiefly British) mother.
mummer a masked and often costumed participant in a street carnival or parade. [2 definitions]
mummy a corpse preserved by embalming, esp. one embalmed and wrapped by or in the manner of the ancient Egyptians.
murmur a soft, indistinct, continuous sound, such as that made by low voices in conversation. [6 definitions]
muumuu a long, loose-fitting dress having a bright color or pattern.
sememe in linguistics, the meaning of a morpheme.