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-ence state, condition, or quality. [2 definitions]
-ene unsaturated hydrocarbon.
earn to receive in return for work or service. [4 definitions]
endear to cause to be loved or cherished.
ENE abbreviation of "east-northeast."
energy the power or capacity for activity. [4 definitions]
engineer one who is trained in the use or design of machines or engines, or in other areas such as electrical or chemical technology. [5 definitions]
enter to come or go in. [11 definitions]
entero- intestine.
envy the desire for someone else's possessions, advantages, or qualities, or the feeling of resentment or unhappiness that accompanies this feeling. [4 definitions]
erne any of several European sea eagles.
inferno hell. [2 definitions]
inner situated inside. [4 definitions]
intern1 to confine in a prison or camp, esp. during wartime. [2 definitions]
intern2 an advanced student or recent graduate in a specialized field, esp. medicine, who is serving an apprenticeship in the appropriate practical setting, such as a hospital. [2 definitions]
interne variant of intern2.
Irene in Greek mythology, the goddess personifying peace; Pax.
iron a chemical element that has twenty-six protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally in a variety of compounds such as minerals important in the earth's crust as well as the biologically essential cytochromes and hemoglobin, and that can be isolated in pure form as a silver-white dense malleable metal that rusts rapidly in air, can be easily magnetized, and is widely used in a variety of alloys. (symbol: Fe) [16 definitions]
knee the joint between the upper and lower portions of the human leg. [4 definitions]
open allowing entry or access; not shut, enclosed, or fastened. [27 definitions]