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coffeecake a sweet, breadlike cake, often containing nuts or raisins and served with coffee.
cognac any fine brandy, esp. that made in France near the town of Cognac.
cupcake a little cake baked in a mold roughly the size and shape of a cup.
gage1 an object, such as a glove, thrown down as a symbol of a promise or challenge to fight. [2 definitions]
gage2 variant of gauge.
gage3 any of several types of plum, usu. having a light green skin.
gamecock a rooster trained and often bred for fighting.
gang hook a fishhook consisting of several hooks that are joined at their shanks.
gauge to make an estimate of or a judgment concerning; judge. [7 definitions]
geologic of, pertaining to, or according to geology.
ginkgo a deciduous ornamental tree, native to China, with fan-shaped leaves and edible fruit and seeds.