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craggy marked by or having crags; rugged, steep, or rough. [2 definitions]
crockery earthenware dishes and pots collectively.
garage a building or part of a building designed to house cars, trucks, and the like. [3 definitions]
grackle any of a number of North American blackbirds with long tails and shiny black feathers. [2 definitions]
granary a structure built to store grain, esp. grain that has been threshed. [2 definitions]
gravure a method of photomechanical printing by engraved plates. [2 definitions]
gray the color of an overcast sky; an achromatic color between black and white. [8 definitions]
greenery green vegetables or foliage.
grey variant of gray.
grigri a charm or fetish, usu. African or associated with voodoo.
grocery a store in which food and other supplies for household use are sold. [2 definitions]
groggy dazed, confused, or off-balance as a result of a blow or fall, anesthesia, or the like.
grudge a feeling of resentment harbored against someone because of a real or imagined injustice. [4 definitions]
Gruyère a mild, pale yellow cheese of Switzerland.
gyrate to move or revolve on or around a fixed point or axis, or in a circle or spiral; rotate; spin.