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call girl a female prostitute who may be hired by telephone.
collegial with authority and responsibility shared equally among colleagues. [2 definitions]
grigri a charm or fetish, usu. African or associated with voodoo.
grill a framework or grating of parallel metal bars used to support foods for broiling; gridiron. [7 definitions]
grille a grating, often of metal, used as a screen, barrier, or decoration over an opening such as a window or the ventilation area of an engine.
grillroom a restaurant or part of a restaurant where grilled foods are a specialty.
gris-gris variant of grigri.
groggy dazed, confused, or off-balance as a result of a blow or fall, anesthesia, or the like.
jellyroll a thin sheet of sponge cake spread with fruit jelly or jam and rolled up.
relegate to send or consign to a condition, place, or position of lesser importance or esteem. [3 definitions]
roll call the reading aloud of a list of names of those expected to be present, such as students in a classroom, soldiers in a unit, or members at a meeting. [2 definitions]
trilateral three-sided.