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decahedron in geometry, a ten-faced solid figure.
hard hat a protective helmet, made of metal or hard, impact-resistant plastic, worn by construction workers, miners, and the like.
hard wheat wheat that has hard kernels containing a high amount of protein, used to make semolina and pasta; durum. (Cf. soft wheat.)
hard-hat (informal) a construction worker.
hardheaded not easily moved, manipulated, or duped; shrewd; pragmatic. [2 definitions]
head-to-head in direct, often individual confrontation or opposition.
headrest a rest or support for the head, as on a chair or a seat in a motor vehicle.
heart rate the number of times the heart beats in one minute, esp. as a measure of how hard the heart is working during physical exercise or emotional stress; pulse.
heart-to-heart freely expressing feelings; open; frank.
heartrending causing or expressing deep sorrow or anguish.
hereditary of or pertaining to traits or tendencies that can be genetically transmitted from parent to offspring. [3 definitions]
hetaera in ancient Greek society, a female paramour or concubine, often a member of a class of educated slaves or cultured companions. [2 definitions]
hydrometer an instrument, usu. a sealed glass tube containing a graduated scale and weighted at one end, used to measure the specific gravity of liquids.
literature writings such as dramas, poems, novels, essays, and stories, esp. those that have lasting artistic value. [3 definitions]
tetrahedral of or shaped like a tetrahedron.
tetrahedron a solid figure formed by four triangular faces; triangular pyramid.
trattoria an inexpensive café or restaurant that serves Italian dishes.
trihedral having three planes that meet in a point. [2 definitions]