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blue the color of a cloudless sky; the color between green and violet on the spectrum. [8 definitions]
dibble a small pointed hand tool used to make holes in the ground for bulbs, seeds, or the like. [2 definitions]
eight ball a black ball with the number eight on it used in playing pool. [2 definitions]
laudable worthy of praise.
laughable exciting laughter or derision.
legible capable of being deciphered; readable.
liable held responsible by law. [3 definitions]
liftable combined form of lift.
light1 electromagnetic radiation, esp. from the sun, that enables one to see objects. [13 definitions]
light2 not heavy, full, intense, or forceful. [9 definitions]
light3 to set down after motion; land after flight. [2 definitions]
light bulb an incandescent electric light, or the bulb-shaped glass housing that encloses its filament.
lightly with little weight or force. [4 definitions]
likable liked by others, or capable of being liked.
likeable variant of likable.
limit the line or point at which something ends. [5 definitions]
limitable combined form of limit.
litigable suitable or appropriate for litigation.
little small in size. [10 definitions]
livable suitable or acceptable for living in or with; habitable; comfortable. [2 definitions]