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madame a married woman, addressed formally or courteously. (abbr.: Mme.)
meaty of, pertaining to, or full of meat. [3 definitions]
meet1 to come into contact with; encounter. [13 definitions]
melamed one who teaches children in a Jewish school.
met past tense and past participle of meet1.
meta- change. [3 definitions]
metadata data that provides information about other data.
mete1 to apportion or distribute (usu. fol. by "out").
meter3 any of numerous devices designed to automatically register or regulate time, distance, velocity, quantity, or degree. [2 definitions]
motet a piece of multivoice religious music with entwined melodies, usu. sung without accompaniment.
motmot any of a variety of tropical American birds related to the kingfisher that have long tails and blue or green plumage, and that dig out tunnels in which they nest.
mutant an organism that differs from its parents as a result of mutation.
mutate to display or cause to display a physical trait or characteristic that is different from one's parent or parents as a result of a change within a gene or chromosome.
steam water vapor, esp. that formed by boiling. [11 definitions]
tame brought or bred out of the wild state and made tractable; domesticated. [7 definitions]
team a group of competitors on one of the sides in a sporting event or game. [7 definitions]