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fiche a sheet of microfilm, resembling an index card in size, that can contain many pages of printed text in reduced size; microfiche.
inch a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot or 2.54 centimeters. (abbr.: in.) [3 definitions]
knish a flaky piece of dough stuffed with meat, potato, or the like and fried or baked.
nacho a small tortilla chip spread with cheese and sometimes other spicy food and then broiled.
nice agreeable; attractive; appealing. [6 definitions]
niche a crevice or recessed area, esp. an ornamental one set in a wall to hold a statue, urn, or the like. [4 definitions]
niece a daughter of one's brother or sister, or of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law.
nigh close in position, time, or relationship; near. [3 definitions]
notch a V-shaped cut or indentation in an edge or object. [7 definitions]
nucha the nape of the neck. [2 definitions]