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all told including everyone or everything; counting all.
allotment the act of allotting or something that is allotted; appropriation or share. [2 definitions]
altimeter an altitude-measuring device such as a specially calibrated barometer.
amalgamate to combine or blend into a single unit. [4 definitions]
amendment an addition to, change to, or deletion from a document such as a legislative bill or contract. [3 definitions]
embattle to dispose or prepare (troops or a fortification) for battle. [2 definitions]
embattled under attack by enemies or opponents; involved in battle. [2 definitions]
embed to set or enclose firmly in some surrounding material. [2 definitions]
emolument profit or compensation from one's position or employment, such as salary or fees.
emulate to try to be the same as or better than (another person), esp. by imitating.
ill-timed done or happening at a wrong or inappropriate time; inopportune.
immolate to kill or offer as a sacrifice, esp. by burning.
impart to give all or a part of; bestow or transmit. [2 definitions]
impediment an obstacle or hindrance. [3 definitions]
impedimenta baggage, supplies, or other encumbrances that slow one's progress.
multimedia (used with a sing. verb) the combined use of several performance media at the same time. [3 definitions]
multimillion combined form of million.
old gold a soft metallic yellow color.
old master any of the great European painters of earlier periods, esp. between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. [2 definitions]
omelet a dish made from beaten eggs that are cooked into a single sheet and folded, often over a filling of cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, or other ingredients.