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-one a ketone, or a related or similar chemical compound containing oxygen.
antenna a metal device that sends or receives electromagnetic signals. [2 definitions]
entente an accord of countries or other political units with regard to specified mutual positions or courses of action. [2 definitions]
indent1 to make jagged by putting recesses or notches in. [7 definitions]
indent2 to create a dent in. [2 definitions]
intend to have in mind as something that one desires or plans to do. [5 definitions]
intent1 conscious plan; aim; intention. [2 definitions]
intent2 highly concentrated in attention; focused. [3 definitions]
nineteenth indicating rank or position between eighteenth and twentieth. [3 definitions]
one being single in number. [11 definitions]
one-to-one matching or corresponding, as each element of one set with a specific element of another.
tenth indicating rank or position between ninth and eleventh. [4 definitions]
underneath below or beneath, esp. directly under. [7 definitions]
uneaten combined form of eaten.