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-phony sound (of a specified kind).
confine to limit within certain bounds; restrict. [3 definitions]
convene to gather or assemble, esp. for a formal meeting. [3 definitions]
funny bone the place on the back of the elbow where a sharp blow causes a strange tingling sensation.
phenomena a pl. of phenomenon.
phenomenon a perceptible occurrence or fact. [3 definitions]
Phoenician a native or resident of Phoenicia. [4 definitions]
phonate in phonetics, to utter or vocalize (a voiced sound or sounds).
phone1 a telephone. [4 definitions]
phoney variant of phony.
phonon a quantum of sound or vibrational energy that is used to calculate the thermal and vibrational properties of solids. (Cf. photon.)
phony (informal) not real or genuine; fake. [2 definitions]