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disport to amuse (oneself). [4 definitions]
dispute to argue or debate about (a question, proposal, or the like). [7 definitions]
dissipate to cause to disappear by, or as though by, dispersing or dissolving. [4 definitions]
participate to take part; share (usu. fol. by "in").
pit1 a comparatively wide and deep hole dug or existing in the ground. [14 definitions]
pit2 the hard seed at the center of an apricot, cherry, plum, or certain other fruits. [2 definitions]
pit saw a large saw used to cut wood lengthwise that is handled by two persons, one positioned on the log and the second in a pit or trench beneath it.
pitapat with a soft rapid flutter or beat. [3 definitions]
pitter-patter a succession of soft rapid tapping sounds. [3 definitions]
precipitous very steep or sudden; rising or dropping abruptly. [2 definitions]
saw1 a hand or power tool with a thin metal blade edged with sharp teeth, used for cutting hard materials such as wood or metal. [6 definitions]
saw2 past tense of see1.
saw3 a common proverb or saying; maxim.
see1 to perceive or observe with one's eyes. [16 definitions]