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adore to worship as a divinity. [4 definitions]
radiant emitting heat or rays of light. [3 definitions]
radiate to send forth rays or waves, as of heat or electromagnetic radiation. [8 definitions]
radiator a device, such as that in a car, consisting of tubes through which fluid coolant passes. [3 definitions]
radio the sending of communications by means of electromagnetic waves in the frequency range from ten kilocycles to three hundred thousand megacycles. [9 definitions]
radio- radio. [3 definitions]
railroad a road of parallel steel rails upon which railway cars travel. [5 definitions]
railroader a person who works on or manages a railroad.
razor an instrument that has a very sharp, replaceable blade or blades and is used for shaving away body or facial hair. [4 definitions]
re-tread to tread again.
redraft a second or subsequent draft of a blueprint, plan, legislative bill, or the like. [2 definitions]
redraw combined form of draw.
retire to cease work or active life. [7 definitions]
retired having ceased work or active service. [2 definitions]
retread to replace the worn tread of (a tire). [2 definitions]
riot a violent public disturbance, usu. involving a large number of people. [7 definitions]