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abide by to comply with; agree to.
bedaub to cover with daubs or smears, as of paint or mud.
debatable open to debate or argument; doubtful.
tab a small, flat projection, such as a loop, strap, or flap, used for pulling, hanging, or opening, or as a means of identifying something. [7 definitions]
tabard formerly, a capelike jacket worn outdoors by peasants. [3 definitions]
taboo untouchable, unmentionable, or otherwise forbidden by social mandate. [3 definitions]
tabu variant of taboo.
Tevet the fourth month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late December through early January in the Gregorian calendar.
Tibet an autonomous region of southwestern China on a high plateau north of the Himalayas, noted as a center for Buddhism since the 7th century.
Tibetan of or pertaining to Tibet or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
to boot in addition; as well.
Tobit in the Apocrypha, a pious exiled Hebrew who is cured of blindness by an angel of God. [2 definitions]
towboat a boat used to pull or push other boats or barges; tugboat.
tubate having, consisting of, or forming a tube or tubes; tubular.
tube top an elasticized, cylindrical women's garment that covers the breasts while leaving the shoulders, and often the midriff, bare.
turbot a large, flat, diamond-shaped saltwater fish, used for food. [2 definitions]