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fifth indicating rank or position between fourth and sixth. [4 definitions]
fifty the number represented by the Arabic numeral 50 and by the Roman numeral L. [5 definitions]
filth that which is unclean or foul. [3 definitions]
firth in Scotland, a very long, narrow inlet of the ocean; fjord.
the1 used before nouns or noun phrases in order to specify something already understood. [11 definitions]
the2 used in comparisons to show that two things happen simultaneously. [3 definitions]
the few the minority of people, or the elite group within a group.
theft the act or an instance of stealing; thievery.
theo- god.
therewith with this, that, or it. [3 definitions]
thievish inclined to thievery. [2 definitions]
thirtieth indicating rank or position between twenty-ninth and thirty-first. [3 definitions]
thrift prudent management and saving of one's resources, esp. money; frugality. [3 definitions]
thrifty practicing thrift; economical. [2 definitions]