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Athenian of or pertaining to Athens or its inhabitants, culture, government, or the like (used esp. of classical Athens). [2 definitions]
Benin an African country on the west central coast between Togo and Nigeria.
ninth indicating rank or position between eighth and tenth. [4 definitions]
tenant a person or group that occupies or uses another's house, office, building, or land, esp. in exchange for rent. [5 definitions]
tenon a protruding part shaped to fit into a mortise to make a joint. (See mortise.) [3 definitions]
tenth indicating rank or position between ninth and eleventh. [4 definitions]
thank to express gratitude or appreciation to. [2 definitions]
the1 used before nouns or noun phrases in order to specify something already understood. [11 definitions]
the2 used in comparisons to show that two things happen simultaneously. [3 definitions]
theine caffeine.
then at that past time. [6 definitions]
theo- god.
therein in that place, time, or thing. [2 definitions]
thereinto into that place or thing. [2 definitions]
thin having little thickness from one side of a surface to the other. [10 definitions]
think to use the power of the mind. [13 definitions]
thinking characterized by rational thought; reasoning. [3 definitions]
thinner1 turpentine or other liquid used for diluting paint to the desired consistency. [2 definitions]
thinner2 comparative of thin.
thirteenth indicating rank or position between twelfth and fourteenth. [3 definitions]