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downtown at, to, or toward the lower part or the business area of a town or city. [3 definitions]
downturn a turn or tendency downward, as in business or the economy; decline.
monotony tiresome lack of variation.
one-to-one matching or corresponding, as each element of one set with a specific element of another.
tank town formerly, a town at which trains stopped only to fill their water tanks; small, insignificant town.
tone down to make less harsh, loud, or bright; soften.
town meeting a public assembly, open to all residents of a town. [2 definitions]
townie (informal) a resident of a college town who is not a student or staff member in the college.
turn down to decrease the power, volume, temperature, or brightness of, as by turning a dial. [2 definitions]
turndown able to be turned down or doubled over, as a collar. [2 definitions]