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vael yu
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an amount, esp. of money, considered to be equivalent to, or suitable exchange for, a thing or service.
The value of the ring was determined to be around $5000.
valuation, worth
similar words:
appraisal, charge, cost, denomination, expense, face value, fee, price
definition 2: inherent worth, importance, merit, or usefulness.
My parents believed in the value of a good education.
merit, use, usefulness, utility, worth
similar words:
account, advantage, avail, benefit, denomination, importance, meaning, significance
definition 3: degree of merit or usefulness.
merit, worth
similar words:
advantage, benefit, caliber, utility
definition 4: (pl.) principles considered most important; moral codes.
ideals, morals, principles, standards
similar words:
beliefs, ethics, mores, rules
definition 5: in mathematics, a quantity, number, or measure.
In the equation x + 4 = 6, the value of x that makes the equation true is 2.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: values, valuing, valued
definition 1: to determine, estimate, or calculate the worth of; appraise; assess.
appraise, evaluate, rate, valuate
similar words:
appreciate, assay, assess, estimate, price
definition 2: to rate in terms of relative worth, desirability, or importance.
I value friendship more than money.
esteem, prize, rate
similar words:
admire, appreciate, cherish, honor, regard, revere, treasure
definition 3: to regard as important or valuable; esteem highly.
He valued her help.
appreciate, esteem, prize, treasure
similar words:
cherish, consider, respect, set store by
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Word History
Value comes from a Latin word that means both "to be of value" and "to be strong and well." Valiant (brave or heroic) and valor (heroic courage) come from the same Latin word.
Word Explorer
  belief, culture, moral
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