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condescend to agree to descend to a level less dignified or less privileged than one's own; deign. [2 definitions]
contender a person who competes with other people to try to win something, such as a prize or a position.
defend to protect from harm, seizure, or intrusion; guard. [4 definitions]
defender someone who believes in and supports a person, plan, idea, or the like. [4 definitions]
endowment the act of providing with a permanent fund or source of income, or the money so provided. [2 definitions]
enliven to cause to be lively or cheerful.
intervene to enter a situation so as to change what is happening. [3 definitions]
intervenor an individual or group, esp. a citizens' group, that becomes a party to a lawsuit or the proceedings of a regulatory agency.
tenderfoot one who is unaccustomed to rough outdoor life; greenhorn. [3 definitions]
undefended combined form of defended.
vend to sell or offer for sale, either in person or through vending machines. [3 definitions]
vendor one who sells or vends, esp. a peddler. [2 definitions]
venture an undertaking or enterprise that involves risk or is of uncertain outcome. [6 definitions]
Wunderkind wonder child (German) a child prodigy.