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belaying pin a short round metal or wooden bar that fits into the rail of a ship, and around which ropes are secured.
bobby pin a narrow flat metal hairpin whose sides are pressed together under tension.
cotter pin a split pin with ends that can be spread apart to fasten it in place after it is inserted through a slot or hole.
crankpin a bar or cylindrical pin positioned in a crank and having a connecting rod or link attached.
pin curl a strand of usu. damp hair wound around a finger into a flat curl and secured with a bobby pin until set.
pin down to force (someone) to give specific information, announce a decision, or the like. [2 definitions]
pin game see "ring and pin game."
pin money a small sum of money set aside for incidental expenses.
pin oak either of two tall oak trees of the eastern United States that are valued for their lumber and as shade trees.
pin stripe a very thin stripe, esp. on fabric used in the making of suits. [2 definitions]
pin the blame on to assign the blame for something to (a particular person or group), sometimes dishonestly or without sufficient evidence.
ring and pin game a game, traditionally played by many American Indian tribes, in which a ring is attached by a string to a stick, or pin, and players attempt to swing the ring up and over the stick.
rolling pin a hard smooth cylinder of wood or marble, usu. having handles at each end, that is used to roll out dough.
safety pin a pin doubled back on itself to form a clasp with a spring at one end and a protective sheath at the other that covers and holds the point.
straight pin a pin made of a piece of stiff steel wire about one or two inches long, with a sharp point at one end and a small head at the other, used chiefly in sewing.
wrist pin a pin that joins the end of a connecting rod to a piston, wheel, or the like.