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African American an American of African descent.
African-American of or pertaining to Americans of African descent or their combined American and African heritage.
Afro-American of or pertaining to American blacks, their African heritage, or their history or culture. [2 definitions]
all-American pertaining to an individual or group of players selected as the best in the United States in any particular sport. [5 definitions]
American Beauty a type of hybrid rose that bears long-stemmed red flowers.
American cheese a mild processed cheese, usu. made from cheddar.
American Civil Liberties Union an organization that works to defend and preserve the civil rights of citizens in the United States.
American dream the American ideal that any man or woman may obtain material wealth, equality, freedom, and the like.
American eagle the bald eagle, esp. as shown on the great seal of the United States.
American English the English language as spoken and written in the United States.
American Indian a member of any of the aboriginal peoples of North America, South America, or the West Indies, usu. excepting the Eskimos.
American plan a system by which hotels charge a fixed rate for room, meals, and service. (Cf. European plan.)
American Revised Version see American Standard Version.
American Revolution the war of 1775-83 in which the American colonies won their independence from Great Britain.
American Samoa an unincorporated U.S. territory consisting of seven South Pacific islands north of Tonga. (Cf. Samoa, Western Samoa.)
American Sign Language a language used by many deaf people in North America, made up of hand movements and signs.
American Standard Version an American revision of the King James Version of the Bible, taken primarily from the earlier Revised Version and published in 1901; American Revised Version.
Anglo-American of, pertaining to, or involving both England and America or English and American people. [2 definitions]
Asian American an American of Asian descent.
Asian-American of or pertaining to Americans of Asian descent or to their history or culture.