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an arm and a leg (informal) a very large amount of money, in the speaker's opinion.
at an angle slanted up or down; crooked.
come to an end to reach the end point; terminate.
have an ax to grind to have a personal motive in pursuing something.
Hôi An a small coastal town and historical trading port in central Vietnam, also known as Ancient City.
keep an eye on to watch or tend with care.
keep an eye out to be watchful or closely attentive.
on an even keel well-balanced or stable.
pay an arm and a leg (informal) to pay a lot of money, much more than one wishes to spend.
put an end to to stop; eliminate.
run an errand to do what is necessary to complete a small chore or assignment, esp. outside of the home.
take an oath to make a formal, solemn promise; pledge.