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A and M abbreviation of "Agricultural and Mechanical."
again and again a great many times; repeatedly.
alpha and omega the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. [2 definitions]
and so forth with more of the same type. [2 definitions]
and so on with more of the same type. [2 definitions]
Antigua and Barbuda an independent state in the Caribbean Sea made up of three islands.
assault and battery in law, the act of, and charge against, an offender who threatens and carries out the threat to attack or do other physical violence to another.
at someone's beck and call willing to fulfill or subject to another's commands or wishes.
B and B abbreviation of "Bed and Breakfast," an establishment offering lodging and breakfast. [2 definitions]
back and forth moving backward then forward, or forward then backward, often repeatedly. [2 definitions]
backward and forward in depth; completely; thoroughly.
bait-and-switch a sales tactic in which a seller attracts customers by advertising at a bargain price one item that is often out of stock, and then diverts their attention by encouraging them to buy another item at a higher price. [2 definitions]
ball and chain a heavy ball attached by a chain to a prisoner's ankle to prevent escape.
ball-and-socket joint a skeletal joint in which the ball-shaped end of a bone, often part of a limb, fits into and rotates quite freely within the hollow, spherical socket of another bone. [2 definitions]
be-all and end-all a thing or person of utmost importance or significance.
betwixt and between neither one thing nor the other; in the middle.
bib and tucker (informal) clothing, esp. one's best garment or outfit.
bill and coo to kiss, cuddle, and whisper sweetly, as lovers.
black and white print or writing considered as documentary evidence or binding proof. [2 definitions]
black-and-blue discolored or covered with discolorations from blood coagulated under the skin; bruised.